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You can define Custom logging types in Pode by using the Add-PodeLogger function. Much like Requests and Errors, this function too accepts any logging method from New-PodeLoggingMethod.

When adding a Custom logger, you supply a -ScriptBlock plus an array of optional arguments in -ArgumentList. The function also requires a unique -Name, so that it can be referenced from the Write-PodeLog function.

The ScriptBlock will be supplied with the following arguments:

  1. The item to log that was supplied via Write-PodeLog.
  2. The arguments that were supplied from Add-PodeLogger's -ArgumentList parameter.


Write to File

This example will create a Custom logging method that will take some custom hashtable, transform it into a string, and then return the string. That string will then be passed to the inbuilt File logging method:

New-PodeLoggingMethod -File -Name 'Custom' | Add-PodeLogger -Name 'Main' -ScriptBlock {
    param($item, $arg1, $arg2)
    return "$($item.Key1), $($item.Key2), $($item.Key3)"
} -ArgumentList $arg1, $arg2

Write-PodeLog -Name 'Main' -InputObject @{
    Key1 = 'Value1'
    Key2 = 'Value2'
    Key3 = 'Value3'