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There are 4 ways to restart a running Pode server:

  1. Ctrl+R: If you press Ctrl+R on a running server, it will trigger a restart to take place. 1a. On Unix you can use Shift+R.
  2. File Monitoring: This will watch for file changes, and if enabled will trigger the server to restart.
  3. Auto-Restarting: Defined within the server.psd1 configuration file, you can set schedules for the server to automatically restart.
  4. Restart-PodeServer: This function lets you manually restart Pode from within the server.

When the server restarts, it will re-invoke the -ScriptBlock supplied to the Start-PodeServer function. This means the best approach to reload new modules/scripts it to dot-source/Use-PodeScript your scripts into your server, as any changes to the main scriptblock will not take place.