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Access Rules

Access rules in Pode are inbuilt Middleware that allow you to specify allow/deny rules for IP addresses and subnet masks. This means you can deny certain IPs from accessing the server, and vice-versa by allowing them.


To setup access rules in Pode you use the Add-PodeAccessRule function.

You can either put a rule in for a specific IP address/subnet mask, or for every address (using all). You can also supply an array of addresses/subnets as well, rather than one at a time.


If a requests hits your server from an address that you've denied access, then a 403 response is returned and the connection immediately closed. For SMTP/TCP servers the connection is just closed with no response.

The following example will allow access for requests from localhost:

Add-PodeAccessRule -Access Allow -Type IP -Values

Whereas the following example will deny access to requests from a subnet:

Add-PodeAccessRule -Access Deny -Type IP -Values

To allow access to requests from multiple addresses in one line, the following example will work:

Add-PodeAccessRule -Access Allow -Type IP -Values @('', '')

Finally, to allow or deny access to requests from every address you can use the all keyword:

Add-PodeAccessRule -Access Deny -Type IP -Values 'all'


Since access rules are an inbuilt Middleware in Pode, then when you setup rules the point at which the rules are checked on the request lifecycle is fixed (see here).

This means you can override the inbuilt access rule logic with your own custom logic, using the Add-PodeMiddleware function. To override the access rule logic you can pass __pode_mw_access__ to the -Name parameter of the Add-PodeMiddleware function.

The following example uses access rules, and defines Middleware that will override the inbuilt access logic:

Start-PodeServer {
    # attach to port 8080
    Add-PodeEndpoint -Address * -Port 8080 -Protocol Http

    # assign access rule to deny localhost
    Add-PodeAccessRule -Access Deny -Type IP -Values @('', '[::1]')

    # create middleware to override the inbuilt access rule logic.
    # this will ignore the 'deny' part, and just allow the request
    Add-PodeMiddleware -Name '__pode_mw_access__' -ScriptBlock {
        return $true

    # basic route
    Add-PodeRoute -Method Get -Path '/' -ScriptBlock {
        # logic